Madsonic Documentation

  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions.
  • Installation
    How to install Madsonic on Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms.
  • Getting started
    How to set up music folders, remote access etc.
  • Compare
    Compare Madsonic server with other versions.
  • Transcoding
    Documentation of how Madsonic automatically converts between music formats.
  • LDAP
    Documentation of the Madsonic-LDAP service.
  • Dreambox
    Documentation of the Dreambox integration.
  • Chromecast
    Documentation of the Chromecast integration.
  • Sonos
    Documentation of the Madsonic-Sonos service.
  • Node
    Documentation of the Madsonic Node integration.
  • Support Forum
    Discuss and ask questions to fellow users.
  • Powerd By
    Madsonic partnerships
  • Credits
    Contribution to Madsonic
  • API documentation
    How to access Madsonic using the REST API. (For developers)
  • Change log New
    See what's new in the latest version.
  • Todo
    See Release and development plan.