Madsonic Node

Madsonic Node

The Madsonic-Node REST API is under development. (See new method documentation).

What ist Madsonic-Node?

Getting Started

This guide assumes that you have successfully installed the Madsonic node service on your computer.
If not, please refer to the Madsonic Node installation instructions or the Madsonic Server installation instructions

After installing and starting the Madsonic Node, open the Madsonic node web page.
The web address may differ depending on your installation options, but is typically http://localhost:8181.

1 Node

Madsonic Node is an experimently addon for the Madsonic 6.1 media server.

The idea is you can run it on a small device like a Raspberry Pi, connected to your amp/speaker/sound-system.

This extendends the possiblity to have multiple remote jukeboxes from a single Madsonic server
in multiple locations, all controlled via Madsonic clients or the webinterface.

2 Node-Jukebox

Madsonic Node is an remote jukebox for the Madsonic media server.

3 Node-Playlist

Madsonic Node is an virtual jukebox playqueue for the Madsonic media server.

4 Prepare

Requirements: Java 7 or later (Download)

5 Installation

The Madsonic-Node has an embedded Jetty server, and can be installed on any Windows, Linux, Unix operating system.

  • Unpack madsonic-node-x.x.xxxx-standalone.tar.gz to MADSONIC_HOME which is typically c:\madsonic-node on Windows, and /var/madsonic-node on Linux.
  • Optionally configure the startup script MADSONIC_HOME/madsonic-node.bat or MADSONIC_HOME/
  • Execute the startup script. (Typically you will configure your operating system to execute the script automatically at start-up.)
  • Open the Madsonic-Node web page. The default address is http://localhost:8181.

6 Madsonic-Node REST API

you can use this rest syntax.



To test if your node instance is ready to go, you can test it at this URL from a browser:


7 Configuration

Open the Madsonic-Server web page and Select Settings > Nodes to manage and display your devices.

7.1 Setting up on windows

Config template example: C:\madsonic-node\


7.2 Setting up on linux

Config template example: /var/madsonic-node/


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